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On Elba there are more than 70 beaches, all very different from each other. On the map below you will find them numbered and in different colors according to the system below. By putting the mouse over the numbers you will know: the name, type of beach, and length. Click on the number and you will access the page, complete with photo and description. (A list is also located under the map).
Schiopparello 300 m pebble Magazzini 200 m pebble Ottone 250 m sand Bagnaia 250 m pebble and sand Nisporto 180 m sand and pebble Nisportino 130 m sand and pebble Capo Castello 200 m pebble Cavo 450 m sand and pebble Fornacelle 150 m pebble Cala Seregola 100 m pebble and sanda Topinetti 100 m pebble and sand black Torre di Rio Marina 100 m pebble Ortano 200 m pebble and sand Reale 100 m sand and pebble Barbarossa 130 m sand Porto Azzurro 80 m sand Naregno 500 m sand Cala Grande 200 m sanda Ferrato 80 m sand Malpasso  100 m sand and pebble Remaiolo 250 m pebble and sand Innamorata 300 m sand Pareti 200 m sand Morcone 200 m sanda Madonna delle Grazie 70 m pebble and sand Barabarca 100 m pebble and sand Zuccale 200 m sanda Lido 400 m sand Felciaio 100 m sand Norsi 300 m sand and pebble Acquarili 130 m pebble Margidore 400 m pebble and sand Lacona 1000 m sand Laconella 100 m sand Fonza 200 m sand and pebble Marina di Campo 1500 m sand Galenzana 200 m sand and pebble Colle di Colombaia 300 m pebble Cavoli 300 m sand Seccheto 130 m sand Fetovaia 250 m sanda Il Giardino 200 m pebble and sand Pomonte 100+80+30 m pebble Chiessi 70 m pebble Patresi 100 m pebble S. Andrea 200 m sand Cotoncello 50 m sand La Cala 70 m pebblea Grigolo the pebble 100 m Le Viste 150 m pebble Le Ghiaie 400 m pebble Cala dei Frati 100 m pebble La Padulella the pebble 150 m Capo bianco 200 m pebble Prunini pebble 200 m Acquaviva 150 m pebble Sansone 300 m pebble Enfola 200+50 m pebble Viticcio 150 m pebble Forno sand 150 m Scaglieri 150 m sand Biodola 600 m sand Porticciolo 100 m sand Procchio 1000 m sand Spartaia  200 m sand Paolina 150 m sand Le sprizze 100 m pebble Il Bagno 100 m pebble La Crocetta 70 m pebble La Fenicie 200 m pebble La Sorgente 80 m pebblea Marciana Marina 100 m pebble

 1 Grigolo 100m pebble   37 Marina di Campo 1500m sand
 2 Le Viste 150m pebble   38 Fonza 200m pebble and sand
 3 Le Ghiaie 400m pebble   39 Laconella 100m sand
 4 Cala dei Frati 120m pebble and sand   40 Lacona 1000m sand
 5 La Padulella 160m pebble and sand   41 Margidore 400m pebble and sand
 6 Capo Bianco 350m pebble   42 Acquarili 130m pebble
 7 Seccione 200m pebble   43 Norsi 300m pebble and sand
 8 Acquaviva 150m pebble   44 Felciaio 100m sand
 9 La Sorgente 80m pebble   45 Lido 400m sand
10 Sansone 300m pebble   46 Zuccale 200m sand
11 Enfola 200+50m pebble   47 Barabarca 100m pebble and sand
12 Viticcio 150m pebble   48 M.delle Grazie 70m pebble and sand
13 Forno 150m sand   49 Morcone 200m sand
14 Scaglieri 150m sand   50 Pareti 200m sand
15 Biodola 600m sand   51 Innamorata 300m sand
16 Porticciolo 80m sand   52 Remaiolo 250m pebble and sand
17 Procchio 1000m sand   53 Malpasso 100m pebble and sand
18 Spartaia 200m sand   54 Ferrato 80m sand
19 Paolina 150m sand   55 Cala Grande 200m sand
20 Le Sprizze 100m pebble   56 Naregno 500m sand
21 Il Bagno 100m pebble   57 Porto Azzurro 80m sand
22 La Crocetta 70m pebble   58 Barbarossa 130m sand
23 Marciana Marina 100m pebble   59 Reale 100m pebble and sand
24 La Fenicia 200m pebble   60 Ortano 200m pebble and sand
25 La Cala 70m pebble   61 Torre di Rio M. 100m pebble
26 Cotoncello 50m sand   62 Topinetti 100m pebble and sand
27 S. Andrea 200m sand   63 Cala Seregola 100m pebble and sand
28 Patresi 100m pebble   64 Fornacelle 150m pebble
29 Chiessi 70m pebble   65 Cavo 450m pebble and sand
30 Pomonte 100+80+300m pebble   66 Capo Castello 200m pebble
31 Il Giardino 200m pebble and sand   67 Nisportino 130m pebble and sand
32 Fetovaia 250m sand   68 Nisporto 180m pebble
33 Seccheto 130m sand   69 Bagnaia 250m pebble and sand
34 Cavoli 300m sand   70 Ottone 300m pebble and sand
35 Colombaia 300m pebble   71 Magazzini 200m pebble
36 Galenzana 200m pebble and sand   72 Schiopparello 300m pebble


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